Sunday, June 24, 2012

GO GREEN giveaway

Hey all! I have been meaning to post this for a while but have not sat down to do it and today I am playing catch up on all my bloggie fun! Did you know Kristal over at Getting Cricky is doing a fun GO GREEN giveaway! She loves anything that will save the environment and has been coming up with wonderful ways to do so. So the other day on her excursion to the local Starbucks she purchased a reusable mug. What an easy and great way to save on extra waste! I love my reusable mug. My hubby and I purchased a Kurig for each other for Valentine's Day and LOVE using it. It has reduced our trips to the local gas station or coffee shop and we get to use our awesome reusable mugs! I just got a new mug for my birthday and thought I would share the photo I took the day after my birthday with my mug and left over birthday cupcake my friends got for me sitting on my deck enjoying the sunrise! I had such a great birthday weekend last weekend. My hubby, kids and friends spoiled me! :)

So what do you need to do to enter... take a picture with you and your reusable much and link it up HERE before July 14!!

Here is the fun stuff Kristal is doing to save on the environment: (the following message is via.;
Being green isn't only GORGEOUS and GOOD for your SOUL, but it will ensure our children have CLEAN drinking water in the future as where do you think all that trash goes? YES into the earth messing up the drinking water! SO SPREAD the word! Let's get those photos flowing in! I'm also going to give out SIX Coffee themed stamp sets for the best SIX photos! Crazier the BETTER!!! Today we are featuring our Coffee and Tea sets. We have some adorable sets.  Head to the store to check them out.

SKIP the packaging on your order (header and plastic bag) and save 1.00 per order of 20 bucks or more, just use this code: keepgreen at my store K Andrew Designs.
Also don't forget you GET A FREE stamp set Namaste this month with any $25.00 or more order! It's a set of 4 stamps that are beautiful and soulful! Check it out!

So head over to Getting Cricky today and enter your picture! That is all from me for now! Toodles my bloggie friends!!!

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Chriss America Real said...

I saw this too. I can't remember to get my hubby to take a picture of me with my coffee cup! I keep forgetting! I think it is a great idea!