Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Diaper Cakes

Hi all! I am doing a post today on my diaper cakes! I had some comments about my previous diaper cakes and wanted to share a few more that I have done in the past. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you like and what you don't! I am not afraid of a little constructive criticism! ;) Enjoy your day everyone!

I created this cake for my friend Lisa. It was night time cake. Everything you need to get ready for Bed. I included PJ's, bottle, Nuk, blanket, towel, bedtime bath bubbles and shampoo and washcloths. Along with the diapers of course that I used to make the cake! :)

I made this cake for my sister-in-law. This was for her third child (my adorable Godchild :)) Because it was her third child and she already has a girl I went with the normal diapers that I use to make the cake. I surrounded it by receiving blankets and wrapped that with ribbon. But like I said because this was her third child I did not fill it with normal baby stuff. I went with a scrap theme because my sister in law loves to scrap like me. I got stickers, tape and lots of cute things to scrap out the first year. I took chip board letters and made her name on the larger part of the cake. It turned out really cute.  

 This cake I made for another friend that I threw a shower for. I made it into a bath time/"Bee" safe theme. I tried to stick with items she had on her gift registry. I did the normal blankets surrounding the diapers. This one I went with a burt's bees gift package she had picked out only I took everything out of the basket (I gave her the basket as an "extra gift" (anything I do not use for the diaper cake that I purchase as a set I still give to the mom to be I just wrap it up instead of using it for the cake) anyhow, the stuff I used for the cake from the basket was burt's bees Buttermilk Lotion, BB's Shampoo & Wash, BB's Diaper ointment, BB's Buttermilk Soap, BB's Nourishing Oil Mini and then I took one of those "grooming kits" that has the nail clippers, medicine spoon,  comb, brush and nasal bulb. The theme of the bee was in the blankets that I used as well.

I have posted this cake before. Again I went with a bath time theme. This one has baby shampoo and lotion with the diapers wrapped about it. The bottom layer is a hooded towel, the next layer is a regular baby towel and the top is a receiving blanket. It is topped off with a washcloth monkey mitt.  I filled the layers with a rattle, travel size shampoo, baby powder, lotion, wash clothes and a finger puppet.

This is my first ever diaper trike! I found pictures on-line and went off of the pictures. When I did it there were not a whole lot of instructions out there. Not sure if they are online now or not. I took diapers and rolled them up... it is hard to see but there are actually three sets of rolled up diapers. One in front, two in back. That is why I call this one a trike and not a motorcycle. I have seen it done like a motorcycle as well with one set of diapers in front and one in back. Anyhow! ;) I took about 30 diapers in the back to tires and 40 for the front. I wrapped those with ribbon to cover the rubber bands. Then I took a receiving blanket and went through all three sets of tired to hold them together (this is the pink blanket down by the monkey's feet). I then places a bib over the front and one over the middle (to act as a seat for the monkey, make sure this is a LARGE bib) I took another receiving blanket and tied it up through the front tires and placed a bottle in the center (head light) and kris crossed the blanket over the top of it to make the handle bars. I put baby mittens on the end of the blankets to make the bars look more complete. And then placed a ribbon over the crossed section of the blanket. Then I place the monkey on the seat... I know these instructions are pretty confusing and I am sorry! I made it a while ago and should have wrote the instructions down as I went through it. But of course I didn't think of it then!!!
Okay so I know these are not a diaper cake but I had to add them on here! They are wash cloth lollipops! You take a wash cloth and wrap it up, pin it and then attach it to a tongue depressor or large craft stick. I then wrapped them with cellophane and tied it off with a ribbon! They are super cute, super easy and pretty inexpensive to make!

I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for stopping! Please feel free to follow my blog! I always love having new followers!

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Tami B. said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I've got to know how to make these adorable cakes. I've been out of the "new mommy" age for a long time but now my daughter & all her friends are just hitting it so I'm going to need a lot of cute baby gifts in the coming years. They look rather complicated. Are they?