Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kid's Birthday Theme - Decorate to Celebrate Challenge

Good morning all! I am taking a second to enter the Decorate to Celebrate Kid's themed Brithday Challenge! I am excited to enter this as one of my favorite things to do is plan my kids birthday parties! I start planning their next birthday the day after the party! :) I like doing this because it gives me time to get stuff ready as well and buying stuff over the year instead of getting everything all at once is much nicer!
This party was a Disney's Cars birthday party done for my sons 4th birthday. He loves the movie Cars and I think he would have a cars party every year if I would let him. I did not get pictures of everything but this gives you a pretty good idea of what the party was like! Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoy! And if you have a chance check out the other great entries at
This was the birthday invite. It was his Golden Birthday so I made it the Golden cup race.

I cut these letters from the Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge. I placed them on our garage so people could see it as they pulled up

I bought this sign at a discount party store. I wanted a picture of all the party guest in front of it but ran out of time...

Each child recieved a drivers liscense when they entered Everson Speedway. It was attached to the lanyard

We had lunch set up at Flo's V 8 Cafe. We had hot rods (hot dogs), dip sticks (carrots and celery with dressing), stop light brownies (brownies cut in rectangles with Red, Yellow and Green M&M's to make it look like a stop light), racing fruit, Sally's pasta  salad and Mater's Tator Chips!

The kids were able to get tattoos at Ramone's Custom Body art

For those kids who did not want to play a game I had Sally's Cozy Cone Motel where they could play on the cars mat and relax

Each child when they completed a game got Car's dollars and when the games were over just before the party ended they came to Sarge's surplus Depot where they could cash in on the prizes! Each prize was a car's dollar (each child ended up with about six dollars to spend) They had fun picking out prizes (the prizes where from Party City)

The sign is hard to read but this is Filmore's Organic Fuel (otherwise known as juice boxes)

We had an area called Guido's pit stop where the kids made race cars out of candy, peppermint and gum. It was a little tricky with the got glue gun and young kids but the cars came out pretty cute

This was Luigi's  Casa De La Tires. The kids had to toss bean bags and make it into the tire.

The kiddos got to decorate bags before the party began so we could wait for all the guest to arrive.

 This station was Gudio's pit stop again
I also did a Golden Cup Race (which did not get pictured).... I took chalk and drew a rode on the driveway. I had Cars Shaker Cars that my son has been collecting... they took the cars to the start and shook them... first one to the finish line one a golden cup. We played until everyone won a cup!

 This was the orginally sign I had bought from a party store. After the party I converted it into the next sign... I took black paper and covered up the the Happy Birthday portion of the liscense plate and cut letters from the cricut saying " Thank You" on the top replacing birthday and "RACEFANS" replacing the word Birthday! And took this and turned it into my Thank you cards!

I took a picture of my son in front of the newly made sign and made it into his thank you's. I made a lightening McQueen cut out with the the Cars Cricut Cartridge and printed the words "taking a pit stop to thank my fans!" They turned out pretty cute!!

I hope you enjoyed the Disney Cars Party!


Rhonda Emery said...

super cute thank you for entering our challenge
and sharing your great party decorations.

Tina said...

Very cute! I'm sure everyone had a blast!!

Lisa said...

WOW - what an awesome party this must have been! Your decorations are absolutely FABULOUS! I love the drivers license idea to enter the party! This is so creative and amazing :)


Jenni said...

This looks like a perfect party for your little one! So many awesome ideas.
Great job!
Hugs, Jenni

Altax said...

Lovely pictures and cute kids.
Kids Worksheets

Amy said...

OMGoodness and WOWZERS!! Heather, this is AMAZING!! I can't believe that you had all of those little 'stations' everywhere... I have to admit that the stoplight brownies are my favorite out of everything!! :) The closest I ever came to this (and trust me, I was still VERY far away from all of this) is when I did a Pokemon party for my (then 8 year old) son... And I recreated the Pokemon game board complete with jargon -- Every child was a gamepiece and they rolled the HUGE homemade dice when it was their turn. Yeah, not even CLOSE to all of this creativity!! You ROCK!! :)

Thanks so much for decorating your celebrations at the Decorate To Celebrate! Challenge Blog!

Amy :) at
and Decorate To Celebrate!

Jessica said...

Super fun party idea!!! So much to keep the kids busy! Love it!

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Fun party idea. Brings mack memories of when my daughter was younger.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Jen said...

AWESOME party, Heather! Your son and his friends look like they had a blast. So many wonderful creative ideas! I'm going to have to bookmark this for my grandson's future birthday party (he's only 1 now).

~ Jen @ Musings of a Crafty Mom

Lori said...

This looks like such a fun birthday party! Awesome job!

Cyndi S said...

Love the party stuff.
cstephenson at q dot com

McVic said...

great job on the party! looks like every one had tons of fun!
here from Decorate To Celebrate!

callyannc said...

Wow you outdid yourself. Thanks CallyAnn (new follower) Decorate to Celebrate sent me.

Sherrie K. said...

Great job..your decorations are fantastic:) TFS!
Sherrie K