Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Decorate to Celebrate Month Long Birthday Party - Guest Designer

Hello and welcome to this fabulous Wednesday! I am doing a guest designer spot for the Decorate to Celebrate Month Long Birthday Party for Rhonda and Amy!
In case you missed it...  This month Rhonda and Amy are CELEBRATING their birthday's ALL MONTH LONG (so you'll have ALL month to enter your projects at Decorate to Celebrate!!)...  Also for THIS month (and this month ONLY), they are opening up the challenge to ANY project (yes, this means you can enter a card or a layout too!!)...  Because of this, they have limited the number of entries to a MAXIMUM of THREE -- you can enter up to THREE projects this month for your chance at the Birthday Presents!!  A little birdie told me that there would be one of Rhonda's minis, one of Amy's explosion boxes, and several other FUN prizes thrown into the mix!!  I am sure you have seen Amy's explosion boxes and Rhonda's minis! They are simply fabulous and you would be SOOOO lucky to have one! So get working on those projects for YOUR chance to WIN!!

Okay so I am going to show off a little work I did for my son's 5th birthday! We decided to do a Batman theme. I purchased the Batman Brave and the Bold Cricut Cartridge and had fun creating... I am a little bummed because I was so busy occupying 20 kids that I did not get more pictures so I will show you what I have! :)

These were the birthday invitations. Not sure if you can read it well or not but it says
The Riddler is tricky don't make a mistake.
He has stolen the candles off
Noah's birthday cake.
But you can help Batman recover
the candles by answering
this riddle I know you can handle;
How old will Noah be when his birthday arrives?
Just think of a number that rhymes with "dive"
The answer is ______
Help Batman and Noah find his birthday candles

and then lists all the birthday information.
The backdrop behind the vellum is a city outline with a bat signal... pictured here :)

I made this back drop of what was suppose to be Gotham City... I tried hard but it did not come out the way I wanted and I used a lot of spray paint... I did not think it would take that much but wow I used about 9 cans on this small little section!

Okay so this is a little hard to see but this was a game called stomp out the villains... If you look close you can see the little one on the right side of this picture stomping a silver balloon. I took balloons and filled some with candy and I left some empty. When we brought out the balloons we explained to the kids they were to stomp out the villains and they would get a prize! I had taped some pictures of Batman and Robin on some of the balloons and villains such as the Joker, Riddler, Mr Freeze and The Penguin on others. The kids had so much fun stomping the villains!

For a little down time we played a game of Bat, Bat, Joker (much like a game of duck, duck, goose!)

We even had a surprise visit from BATMAN himself! My sons face was just priceless when he showed up.

No because the information said that the Riddler had taken the candles off my son's birthday cake Batman was there to help. I had placed green cards with question marks on various places outside (like the pool, trash cans, the jungle gym) and gave them riddles as to where they could find the birthday candles! They had so much fun hunting for the candles!

Here are some of the kiddos from the party with Batman... some were to hungry to take a picture with Batman and they just ran off to eat!

Oh this is another picture from the villain stop. We also played a game of Mr. Freeze Dance where we would play music and when the music stopped they had to freeze!

Here is Noah's birthday cake. I wish I had gotten more pictures of the food. I had themes for most of it. I had Cat Claws (buggles), Posion Ivy punch (green punch) Penguins Chips and Dip (Served these is a top hat upside down), Bat Pops (cake pops) Alfred's Gourmet hamburgers... oh there was more. I had also purchased yellow plastic ware and wrapped it in a black napkin and made my own napkin rings with a yellow piece of paper and a bat on them... OH HOW I WISH I WOULD HAVE HIRED A PHOTOGRAPHER ;)

Ha! Well I hope you enjoyed the Batman Birthday! Be sure to hop over to Decorate to Celebrate and check out their month long celebrations if you have not done so already! Enjoy your day everyone!


Rhonda Emery said...

holy batman! these are too cute and wow what a awesome birthday party. thank you for being a guest designer at decorate to celebrate.hugs

Laura (tweetyb) said...

Very cool!!! Love all the party ideas you shared! :)
♥ Laura ♥

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Visiting from Decorate to Celebrate. I like the Batman party creations for your son's 5tgh birthday. Wonderful that Batman showed up.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Scrappin' Sista said...

Love all the Batman decorations. What a fun party. I'm proud to share the spotlight today with you. Thanks for linking at DTC.

DTC Guest Designer

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Love the invitation and how the light looks very cool!! Looks like Noah had a great time! Happy Birthday to him!! Thank you for joining us over at Decorate to Celebrate as Guest Designer very happy to have you!!

*Star said...

What a cute invite! I love the little riddle on the front! Your sons Birthday sounds like it was tons of fun!! Great job! It's been fun being a GD with you at DTC. :)