Friday, February 17, 2012

Pre Cabin Fever Blog Hop fun!

Okay wonderful bloggie world. I made one more card for the pre hop stuff! Don't forget to come back and see the blog up tonight!!!!

Here is my card for today

Sorry it is so hard to see the yellow face. But I love these faces. Again they came off of the Locker Talk Cricut Cartridge. I cut the faces at 3 inches

I used the Coffee and Tea Treat stamps to create the Drama part. I know everyone has a little drama in their lives so I thought it would be a fun card to share with someone.

You can order this stamp set HERE

Alright short and sweet today kids. I have two little preschoolers running a muck in my house so I better go see what is left of it! See you tonight for the Cabin Fever Blog Hop!!!

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Amanda said...

What a cool idea! Great job!!

Getting Cricky JrDt